iDROSET® Series CF
The new static balancing valve

Comfort in balancing:
discover our innovation!


Easy to install and adjust,
discover the new features

Variation in temperature in each room?
We have the solution!
The new Watts valve balances heating, cooling and drinking water distribution systems in an easy and effective way.

Easy to set

Adjust the hand wheel, the flow rate will be set

Easy to read

Read the flow rate on the dial of the valve in real time, without any other devices

Patented and accurate technology for precise calibration

Each diameter has a wide range of flow rate.

Set and go,
save your time

The Series CF is based on an innovative technology that allows adjusting and reading the flow rate on board without any kind of external device.
In only 15 seconds the valve is installed and your system is balanced.

User friendly design
for efficiency

The balancing valves Series CF consists of a valve body made of brass and composite, with a special insert, which is based on patented technology. The shape is ergonomic to simplify the use for any situation.

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Fast in setting,
real time reading

Turning the hand-wheel adjust the Kv to set the flow rate. The change is indicated on the display in real time. Set the red pointer for an instant diagnostic of the system performance.

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Discover iDROSET® Series CF

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threaded connections


Max. Operating pressure


Operating temperature



Choose the right product for you!

DN 1/2”

  • Kvs 1,7
  • Min. flow rate (l/h) 35
  • Max. flow rate (l/h) 700
DN 3/4”

  • Kvs 1,7
  • Min. flow rate (l/h) 35
  • Max. flow rate (l/h) 700

  • Kvs 4,4
  • Min. flow rate (l/h) 50
  • Max. flow rate (l/h) 1600
DN1 1/4”

  • Kvs 14
  • Min. flow rate (l/h) 250
  • Max. flow rate (l/h) 6000
DN1 1/2”

  • Kvs 14
  • Min. flow rate (l/h) 250
  • Max. flow rate (l/h) 6000

  • Kvs 25
  • Min. flow rate (l/h) 400
  • Max. flow rate (l/h) 10000

Only one word to describe this valve: SIMPLE. It makes the balancing of the installation fast and easy! The new valve Series CF changes your life! Only few seconds and you can adjust and read the flow rate without any other devices. All the information at a glance!

Raul Romero Gimenez
Product Line Leader Heating Components
& Safety products

Idroset® CF is a new concept valve. We designed a static balancing valve with an innovative flow metering solution embedded in the product: without expensive external electronic tool, you can read the flow rate at any time on a clear gauge. Great result in one instrument.

Alfredo Cucciniello
Innovation Centre Leader& R&D Coordinator Italy

Our valve is reliable and easy to install, without any external device to read the flow rate. This innovative approach makes the life easy for the plumber and for the engineer during the calibration and the test of the installation.
They are to die for.

Dario Ghisleni
Senior Technical Sales Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

How to install iDROSET® Series CF?

1. Open the valve completely counter clockwise in the moment of the installation.
2. After the start-up of the installation, set up the desired flow rate in lit/min according to the project data. Turn on the hand wheel clockwise to increase the flow, turn on anticlockwise to decrease the flow.

When to use iDROSET® Series CF?

Series CF valves are particularly recommended for use in heating, cooling and drinking water distribution systems.
They offer immediate benefits in terms of comfort and energy saving, as well as optimising the efficiency of the control system.

How to read the flow rate?

Thanks to its innovative design based on new patented technology, the flow rate can be easily read without the requirement of special tools.

How to avoid maloperation?

After the setting of the flow rate, turn the screw present in the hand wheel to block its position.

iDROSET® Series CF, The new static balancing valve